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Website for Sharing Light Shows

We created a custom website that allowed users to share their custom light show FSEQ files. This website enabled users to share their light shows with other users and also download light shows created by other users.

Leaderboard Showing the Top Light Share Creators

We included a leaderboard on the website that showed the top light share creators. This allowed users to see who the most popular and talented light show creators were, and also provided motivation for users to create more high-quality light shows to share with others.

Light Show Requests Form and Upvoting/Downvoting Feature

We included a light show requests form on the website that allowed users to request specific light shows they would like to see. We also included an upvoting and downvoting feature that allowed users to vote on which requests they would like to see fulfilled first. This helped ensure that the most popular requests were fulfilled first, and also provided valuable feedback for light show creators to create light shows that were in high demand.

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