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The Scope


We worked extensively with Mainline, providing comprehensive branding and digital solutions. Our scope included creating their brand identity, designing their website, developing a SaaS app and custom software, and designing social media graphics.

3d model of a network map

The MVP Prototype

We created a custom and interactive interface on a web app that used Sigma.js, a popular JavaScript library for drawing interactive network graphs. This allowed Mainline's users to see the relationships between different Twitter users in real-time.


We created branding guidelines and redesigned Mainline's logo to give their brand a more professional look.

Social Media

We also designed new social media graphics to match Mainline's new brand identity.

Getting Users

We implemented a user login system using the "Login with Twitter" feature, which allowed Mainline's users to sign in using their Twitter account. We also developed a real-time filterable feed that displayed tweets in a 2D layout instead of network maps.

Marketing Website

Our team designed and coded Mainline's marketing website from scratch to create a modern and user-friendly online presence.

Business Cards

In addition to the website, we also created a custom business card design for Mainline that reflected their new brand identity.

Custom Discord Bots for Displaying Real-Time Twitter Data

We developed custom Discord bots that displayed real-time Twitter data for Mainline's users. These bots allowed users to view Twitter conversations and network graphs in real-time from within Discord.

Twitter User Follower Audits

Our team conducted Twitter user follower audits using Python and Postgres to gather data for the Mainline app. We accumulated over 1.8 billion Twitter user details that were used for advanced analytics within the Mainline app.

1.8 Billion Twitter User Details

Through our audits, we accumulated over 1.8 billion Twitter user details and created a user profile page for each user with detailed analytics and data. This allowed Mainline to easily search and analyze Twitter user data for advanced Twitter analysis.

Web App Interface for Searching Through 1.8 Billion Users

We developed a web app interface that allowed Mainline's users to search through the 1.8 billion Twitter users by their bio field.

Transforming the Web App into an App with Customizable Widgets and User Payment Tiers

We transformed the web app into an app with a user flow of having projects and lists inside those projects with lists containing users, tweets or hashtags. Each list containing different customizable widgets for advanced analytics. We also implemented user payment tiers using Stripe's API.

Designing Multiple Landing Pages for GetMainline.io

Our team designed multiple landing pages for GetMainline.io to showcase different features of the app and attract new users.

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